The Pelican Flower is a Central American vine with huge flowers that bloom for just two days before they wilt and die.

The first day is spent using the stench of death and decay to attract flies which get trapped overnight within the depths of the flower. They’re only let out the next day, after a dowsing of pollen, so they can get trapped by a whole new flower and pollinate it in the process.

Pelican Flowers get their name from looking a bit like a pelican from the side. I guess Malevolent Alien Chrysalis Flower didn’t catch on.

…Images: dl7tny/Cary Bass/Kew on Flickr/Brian Chiu/Brian Henderson



DESCRIBING THE BIZARRE, highly imaginative world of Blaine Halvorson is like trying to tell someone about a color they have never seen — nearly impossible. Halvorson, a tall, heavily tattooed 42-year-old whose laid-back demeanor hides an obsessive intensity, is a voracious collector of contemporary art, taxidermy and myriad curiosities, from old dentures and glass eyeballs to detached doll heads and faceless anatomical mannequins. These are meticulously arranged in macabre vignettes at his 4,500-square-foot studio in Culver City, Calif. In one installation, a painting of freshly butchered carcasses serves as the focal point for a herd of taxidermied dogs panting before a refrigerated case of plastic meat. In another, a row of jury chairs from an early-20th-century New York courtroom face a series of nine-foot-high mixed-media renderings of real, and very menacing, mug shots.

A studio visit with Blaine Halvorson